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The last album (new mastering studio in 2014) by Polo Ortí offers 9 tracks of his own compositions where explores diferents music styles like Fussion, Experimental Music, Electronic and Comtemporary Jazz.

Artistic Team:

Polo Orti: Piano and Synthesizers
Israel Sandoval: Guitars
Morgan Hernández: Soprano Sax
Luismo Valladares: Electric Bass
Juanjo Ortí: Drums

Loops: Fernando Ledesma (Dancelwerk)
Artistic Production: Polo Ortí  and Fernando Ortí Salvador

Recording Engineer: Juan Carlos Hernández (Arena Digital)      
Mixing Engineer: Pepo Scherman
Re-Mastered by Xergio Córdoba (EternalMidnight)

Design / Photo Retouching: David Lozano
Photo: Jacques Mezger
Creativity and Contents: Vicky Bastos

All Tracks composed by Polo Ortí

"This is an historic moment in which humanity is undergoing a major change. We are direct witnesses to a boiling planet burning and stir to clean all impurities. To us to make the change to a better world and for that, we must raise our consciousness, covering a large halo of love for our beloved Earth".

"Vivimos un momento histórico en el que la humanidad está sufriendo un cambio trascendental. Somos testigos directos de una ebullición del planeta que arde y se agita para limpiar todas sus impurezas. De nosotros depende que el cambio sea hacia un mundo mejor y, para ello, debemos elevar nuestras consciencias, cubriendo de un gran halo de amor a nuestra querida Tierra."

                                                                                                                                 Polo Ortí, 2014
                                                                                                                           Tenerife, Canary Islands